High Fives to the Detroit Hives


Who are the Detroit Hives? What do they do? And Why are they important?

Founded in 2016, the Detroit Hives took an old-fashioned cold remedy and turned it into an opportunity to conserve, preserve, and restore! Timothy Paule and Nicole Lindsey, pictured to the left, are dedicated to making a difference in their Detroit Home. By repurposing the abandoned lots in their neighborhoods, they cultivated urban bee farms and their journey began!

Wanting to showcase that Detroit is the “place to Bee”, the Detroit Hives have taken on a huge challenge that promotes diversity, sustainability, conservation, and education! When the average person sees a bee, an initial reaction is swatting, running, or standing still (talk about fight or flight!), but do you know just how important bees are to our ecosystem? Not only do they produce delicious honey, but they are important pollinators for the bulk of foods that make up our diet. According to The Honeybee Conservancy, one in three bites of food we eat gets pollinated by bees. Considering how much food the average human consumes, that is a lot!

The Detroit Hives are one of the first not-for-profit organizations that Honeyism has decided to work with because of their values alight with those of the company. Education is more than just going to class, it involves getting “down and dirty” and hands-on. The Detroit Hives provide numerous opportunities for their community members to come a learn about bee farms, the importance of bees, and that representation matters. Furthermore, they care for the environment and so does Honeyism. Bees may not be vegan, but they are organic! Many of Honeyism’s products are vegan, cruelty-free, and organically sourced and made. Additionally, with caring for the environment, they are also caring about their community. With the transformation of vacant lots, they are cleaning up their neighborhoods and providing a way to foster a safer and cleaner Detroit!

Want to learn more about the Detroit Hives? Visit them at www.detroithives.org